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The use of IT solutions is becoming increasingly pervasive in ship and shipping management, driven by the modern concept of connected ships, to improve process efficiency and reduce costs (e.g. through continuous monitoring of fuel consumption). FleetOnCloud® is the range of SIRM products and services to support the transition to the “smart & connected ship”. FleetOnCloud® integrates telecommunication solutions (satellite and terrestrial) and IT applications in the cloud to provide customers with a unified experience and a single post-sales support.  FleetOnCloud® applications have been developed by pooling knowledge of customer needs, industry regulations and technological expertise for the development of ICT solutions.

SIRM offers a flexible, secure and scalable solution to connect the Logistics, Engineering and Navigation departments of shipping companies with the data and information produced by the fleet (IoS – Internet of Ships), using the latest digital technologies and the power and efficiency of cloud computing.

The FleetOnCloud solutions, using data and information available on board the ship and integrating it with data from external sources, provide easy access to fleet performance, offering a powerful decision support tool that can facilitate the processes:

  • control of fuel consumption
  • reducing emissions
  • reduction of operating costs
  • increased safety of navigation
  • management of crew welfare services
  • advanced services for the management of satellite communications
  • cybersecurity

FleetOnCloud® simplifies roadmap to a connected and smart ship

FleetOnCloud enables shipowners to make data-based decisions to better manage their operations from the shore offices.

Constant and continuous access to every ship in the fleet to control the main parameters that affect the performance of the fleet and to view the displays of the on-board automation and navigation systems.

Use real-time data to support remote diagnostic operations or to optimize routes and operations.

FleetOnCloud is based on a VSAT/FBB satellite communication architecture,  managed in its priorities by the FleetOnCloud Connect multi-channel communication gateway. The flexibility of the system allows to make available services with any existing communication architecture, even if not provided by SIRM, minimizing the impact of additional traffic on the efficiency of the communication channel.

Ship Cloud Gateway

On-board gateway for FleetOnCloud services, multi-channel maritime communication and remote on-board network management

Fleet Operations Center

Solution for the integrated management of operations (fleet tracking, management & control) based on the collection and processing of navigation data.

Crew/Passenger Services

CrewONE is a solution for prepaid voice and data services for crew and passengers, also in BYOD (bring your own device) logic.

FleetOnCloud Mail

Cloud solution designed for satellite use and to simplify the management of corporate and personal email service on board ships.

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