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Fleet One is the maritime satellite communication solution designed to meet the communication needs of small boats with occasional or seasonal use of the service and as a complement to VHF and GSM communication solutions. In the renewed version of the product, Inmarsat offers two service plans (global and coastal) to best meet the communication needs of commercial and recreational boats.

The solution is characterized by the consolidated quality of the BGAN Inmarsat constellation and by a high price/performance ratio with a high quality voice service combined with a broadband data service with global coverage of up to 100Kbps through a device that is easy to install, configure and maintain.

The FleetBroadband offers customers a wide range of benefits including:

  • Simultaneous voice and data communication
  • Voice services with voicemail, caller identification and barring
  • Options for pre-paid or subscription services
  • SMS up to 160 characters
  • Simple installation and Plug and Play
  • Connection to smartphones and tablets via internal wifi (only ADDVALUE terminal) or wifi router (Cobham)
  • 505 Emergency Calling facility

Inmarsat has certified two terminals (Cobham and AddValue) with dimensions of about 30cm and weight of 2.5Kg.

Inmarsat FleetOne – Service Plans and Coverages


Fleet One Global offers flexible connectivity for any size of vessel, available for one price anywhere on the world’s seas.

Fleet One Global meets the voice and data needs of a wide range of users, from fishing and regional merchant vessels to global recreational seafarers. There is no vessel size limit.

There is one global rate and a choice of prepaid or postpaid options. Fleet One Global is flexible – you can de-activate and re-activate the service at any time so you only pay for it when you need it – making it ideal for both seasonal and regular users.


With Fleet One Coastal, recreational sailors and small regional fishing boat operators can access tailored airtime pricing in key coastal regions to keep costs down.

The service is aimed at occasional users looking to stay connected without having to worry about cellular coverage or network roaming charges. Competitive rates are available for prepaid use – ideal for one-off trips.

Fleet One Coastal is available to vessels under 500 gross tonnage. Typical users are small fishing and leisure boats up to 24 metres.

Both Fleet One solutions offer the ability to stay connected while you browse, with access to voice, email and business support applications (weather services, chart updates, VMS services through FleetOnCloud solutions). FleetOne offers access to the Inmarsat’s free ‘505’ safety service to make emergency calls to one of the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centres (MRCCs). All services are provided through L-Band coverage with fourth generation Inmarsat satellites offering 99.9% service reliability.

Fleet One – Areas of application 

With flexible and affordable pricing plans in many fishing sectors, Fleet One is a reference product for this sector, especially with its Coastal profile, covering the entire Mediterranean and European seas, covering more than 100 miles from the coast in many areas of the globe. The solution allows fishing vessels to have an active connection for the management of critical services such as weather and news.  Thanks to the possibility of having tariff plans with short deadlines, customers have the possibility of activating the terminals in relation to the fishing season, minimizing costs when the vessels are not operational.

For pleasure boats and yachts, Fleet One offers one of the most efficient solutions available on the market today, being able to use a voice and data service with a Coastal coverage to stay in touch with the world while you are navigating, at an acceptable cost and to share the connection with guests on board through the WiFi network.

Fleet One supports the Inmarsat emergency number ‘505’ safety service, which in case of need rotates the customer’s request directly to the nearest MRCC centre, enabling the location and nature of the emergency to be shared.

FleetOne – User Terminals

Cobham Fleet One

Sailor Fleet One terminal include:

  • Antenna unit
  • Belowdecks unit
  • IP handset
  • 10m antenna cable
  • 1m Power cable (10-32V DC input)
  • CD-ROM con e-manual
  • Quickstart Guide
Fleet One Datasheet

AddValue Fleet One

Sailor Fleet One terminal include:

  • Antenna unit
  • Belowdecks unit con Wifi
  • IP handset
  • 10m antenna cable
  • 1m Power cable (10-32V DC input)
  • CD-ROM con e-manual
  • Quickstart Guide
Fleet One Datasheet

Fleet One  – Rate Plansri

Using the wide range of possibilities offered by Fleet One tariff profiles, SIRM is able to support customers in choosing the most suitable profile for their needs.  The plans provide, for both the Coastal and Global profiles, post-paid subscription solutions or, alternatively, prepaid recharge vouchers.

SIRM offers its customers :

  • Solution engineering (FleetOnCloud terminals, airtime and cloud services) 

  • Sale or rental of communication equipment (AddValue/COBHAM terminals)

  • Managing backup options of the main communication channel

  • Installation and configuration with a team of qualified professionals

  • Selection of the best partners able to ensure the availability of a robust and reliable network

  • Customer Services 24/7/365, through the Network Operation Center and worldwide support

  • Integrated billing service for clear and transparent invoices

  • Cybersecurity Management

  • CrewWelfare Services

  • Remote management of applications and services using the Cloud Gateway OnBoard Smartbox

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A range of solutions to add value to satellite connectivity

FleetOnCloud Gateway

Multi-function, multi-channel system for centralised management of the network, on-board services and available satellite channels (primary and backup).

FleetOnCloud Operation

Integrated solution to safely and effectively manage fleet operations and capture the value generated by on-board data

FleetOnCloud Cybersecurity

Network security solutions and systems on board ship through a tailored approach taking into account systems, software, procedures and the human factor.

FleetOnCloud CrewONE

Integrated solution to securely and effectively manage access to voice and data services for crew and passengers via a single Virtual Scratch Card


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