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SIRM has a consolidated experience in the design, installation and testing of electronic equipment for navigation and communications for new ships.  The technical skills of the design team, able to directly interface the ship’s designer, the owner and the shipyard, combined with the approach of independent supplier allow us to offer customers the best solutions in terms of:

  • compliance with international regulations
  • reliability of the proposed solution
  • comprehensive support and easy maintenance:
  • reduction of the total cost of use throughout the useful life of the ship and the equipment

The corporate vision in new construction projects is based on the ability to offer the customer a complete operational package in line with the requirements of the specification, the requirements of the regulatory bodies, the specificities of the ship and the available budget, aiming to draw up all the project documentation in a clear and comprehensive, to minimize uncertainties during installation and costs arising from variants due to unforeseen problems.

All documents shall be produced in accordance with quality assurance procedures certified to ISO 9001:2015 and shall include at least the following documents:

  • Drawings and connection diagrams in CAD format
  • Technical data sheets and monographs of the individual apparatuses
  • Dimensions and packaging data
  • Antenna positioning diagrams
  • Point-to-point connection diagrams for installation

SIRM is responsible for the complete management of the project, through a constant dialogue with equipment manufacturers, the logistics management for shipments to the site and the activities of integration and wiring of equipment inside the console.

Our value proposition is based on:

  • Integrated design group with expertise in quotation processes, procurement and logistics management, engineering and project management
  • Comprehensive project supervision from start to finish, including design, engineering, installation, testing and trials at sea
  • Quality of service, thanks to the constant attention to training and certification of our technicians, trained directly with the support of equipment manufacturers
  • Problem Solving Capability and Proactive Project Approach
  • Selection of the best partners able to ensure the availability of a robust and reliable network

SIRM assures the shipyard and the shipowner of the management of all problems relating to warranty work, in direct coordination with equipment suppliers, and the management of the same through our service contracts.

Constant attention to the needs of our customers for maximum efficiency of communication and navigation equipment

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Through the Service Coordination Centre you can request spare parts and consumables, including portable radios, batteries, EPIRBs, SARTSs, GPSs, SSASs, magnetrons, etc. 

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Global support for the efficiency of onboard electronics with an experienced team and an extensive network of partners to support our customers in the world’s major ports.


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