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As an Inmarsat partner, SIRM has included in its airtime solutions portfolio the new Fleet Xpress, a Vsat connectivity solution in KA band with integrated backup through the Inmarsat FleetBroadband devices. SIRM is able to offer complete customer support for design activities, choice of on-board hardware, identification of the best communication solution, installation and post-sales support for the merchant & commercial, cruise & ferry, oil & gas, offshore and yachting sectors.

Fleet Xpress offers maritime customers a new understanding of onboard communications, delivering the power of global broadband VSAT solutions enabled by Inmarsat’s Ka-band Global Xpress technology, combined with the proven reliability of FleetBroadband service.  Fleet Xpress is feeding the data revolution in the maritime industry. The availability of bandwidth ensures that ship owners and operators can improve business intelligence, improve efficiency, performance and crew welfare. Fleet Xpress offers a powerful combination of unique benefits to set a new standard in maritime communications.


  • Single monthly fee to offer data network access via KA-band antenna or FleetBroadband as a backup device

  • Fully managed service with high quality post-sales service globally

  • High quality voice service, without affecting the CIR of the ship

  • Different service options for operations and crew

  • Support 24/7

  • A wide range of tariff plans and possibilities for temporary bandwidth increase and service suspension


  • Continuous Connectivity: Service with a very high level of reliability, thanks to the use of the KA (Inmarsat GX) main satellite constellation and the FleetBroadband network backup constellation.
  • Guaranteed performance: Possibility to choose plans with CIR adapted to your needs, which ensure that the customer always obtains the level of service contracted
  • Cost Control: Improve cost management with a wide range of flexible subscription packages and a single bill. With FX the cost of satellite telecommunications is constantly under control
  • Fully Managed System: Standardized plug-and-play service with 24/7/365 global management, monitoring and support. Fleet Xpress offers the customer simplicity and total peace of mind
  • Business Applications: A unique opportunity to improve operations through access to a wide range of value-added services developed by third-party application providers

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SIRM, thanks to the consolidated partnership with the main world manufacturers, is able to offer VSAT KA antennas designed to operate at its best on the Inmarsat GX network . SIRM offers the FleetXpress service with Intellian or Cobham antennas of the most suitable dimensions for the use of the system and the size of the vessel. JRC antennas may also be used among Inmarsat approved equipment.

Intellian V100 GX  The v100GX is a KA band antenna ready to operate on the Inmarsat GX network. The precision molded carbon fiber reflector and radome are each optimized to deliver superior RF performance with Ka-band satellites.

Intellian V60GX  Compact Global Xpress Terminal – The GX60 is a compact, stabilized maritime terminal ready for use on the Inmarsat Global Xpress (GX) broadband service. Built and supplied with an integrated GX modem, the GX60 offers ease of transport and installation to make the transition to FleetXpress solutions easy.

V100GX More Details
V60GX More Details

Sailor 60GX SAILOR 60 GX is the smallest and lightest KA band antenna for the new Inmarsat FX network. Its unique composite/aluminum mixed design maintains low weight, while SAILOR VSAT’s well-tested technology reduces the deployment process and maximizes terminal uptime.

 Sailor 100GXThe SAILOR 100 GX terminal is an advanced 3-axis stabilized system designed for the Inmarsat Global Xpress® satellite network. SAILOR 100 GX is light and compact. It uses a single cable between the antenna and below decks for RF, power and data, while advanced features such as automatic azimuth calibration and automatic cable calibration further reduce installation time. Unique Global Xpress One Touch commissioning functionality completes the package, making SAILOR 100 GX incredibly easy to implement.

Sailor 100GX More Details
Sailor 60GX More Details

JRC 60GX The design of a lightweight but ultra strong Ka-band radome was a particular challenge for JRC, the solution was found with Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) with a special honeycomb structure, offering the radome high strength and is extremely lightweight. The JRC-60GX Global Xpress core module (developed by iDirect) is located in the BDE terminal. For optimal connectivity, two separate coaxial cables with a maximum length of 60 meters are used for the transmission and reception of signals.

JRC 60GX More Details

FleetXpress Service Plans

Possibility to use 60cm or 1Mt antennas and FBB500 or FBB250 equipment.

Available Plans:

Internet Entry Plans – 2048/512 Kbps, 4096/1024 Kbps, 6144/1536 Kbps service profiles without MIR

1MT and 60 Cm Asymmetric CIR Plans – Rate plans from 512/128 Kbps to 4096/2048 Kbps with the possibility of having 4:1 or 8:1 CIRs (for 1mt antennas) and 8:1 and 16:1 CIRs (for 60cm antennas).

1MT and 60 Cm Symmetric CIR Plans – Rate plans from 1024/256 Kbps to 8192/4096 Kbps with the possibility of having symmetrical CIRs in uplinks and downlinks from 64Kbps up to 2Mbps (for 1mt antennas)

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A range of solutions to add value to satellite connectivity

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