Soluzioni per retrofit / aggiornamento tecnologico e normativo

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SIRM is able to put its experience and competence at the service of shipowners for projects of retrofit and technological updating of the equipment installed on board ships of the fleet. The adaptation of ships in operation with new equipment requires a great capacity of planning and a deep technical competence. New industry standards, IMO regulations, class requirements or technological obsolescence of equipment often translate into an urgent need for a shipowner to replace some on-board systems with new equipment and the need to carry out these activities while minimising the impact on the ship’s operation.

The experience of SIRM, gained over the years and with the support of a large number of ships, allows to plan and carry out the activities efficiently and minimizing the economic impact for the customer, thanks to a careful planning phase of the activities and the main reference regulations. The design team, based on the knowledge of the onboard scenario, can decide the organization of a preliminary inspection or operate completely remotely on the basis of the available information. Based on the needs of our clients, the team will identify the best operating methods for managing the operations to meet the execution times of the activities and the allocated budget.

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Through the Service Coordination Centre you can request spare parts and consumables, including portable radios, batteries, EPIRBs, SARTSs, GPSs, SSASs, magnetrons, etc. 

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